Stories That Are Valuable to Womankind for Distinct Reasons

Here’s how some writers celebrated International Women’s Day

The Rose Machine


Two caucasian women are at a large wooden dining table inside a domestic home. The woman to the right of the table has long, black wavy hair and is seated while working on her silver laptop. The other woman has short brown hair and is leaning over the table on the far side of it, also working on her laptop. There is a third laptop open on the table and is not in use by anyone.
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On the 6th of March 2021, I had an idea of how I could not only celebrate but help raise awareness of International Women’s Day (IWD) through a medium I naturally, deeply love; writing. So I set to work on a writing challenge as part of this year’s #ChooseToChallenge theme.

I wanted to encourage as many writers as I possibly could to take part and was sure to share the story on every social media platform I have an account with. This was incredibly exhausting. I had such little time to spread the word that I crammed what needed to be a 3–5 day stint of communicating into less than 24 hours by the time the story had been finalised and published.

A screen shot of a Medium story title and image, featuring Rambling Rose; a caucasian woman with shoulder length, curly red hair, wearing a black beret and black jumper. She is smiling at the camera and holding her right hand up as it is the pose of International Women’s Day. On the hand the purple logo of International Women’s Day is superimposed and the bottom right hand corner reads the text “#Choose To Challenge.
Image by Author: Medium Writers’ #ChooseToChallenge

I was taken aback by the amount of engagement I got from this challenge I had whipped up. A lot of friends (close ones and social media ones alike) helped me spread the word by sharing it on their profiles. And the Instagram reel I made is currently sitting at 1,255 views! Might not seem like a lot but considering I have 233 followers and only a fraction of those are writers/interested in writing, it really meant a lot to me.

Despite this, only a handful of people responded with pieces that specifically resulted from my prompt. I have definitely learned a lot through the process and am proud that I jumped to action and actually did something for International Women’s Day this year.

The whole objective of this challenge was to enable writers to take a bit of time to recognise the value of women who would otherwise be at risk of being forgotten throughout time. And I believe I had achieved this, so I’m happy!

The Selection

After digesting these below reads, I felt the urge to bring attention to them for what individual elements they represent. I greatly appreciate the effort the writers have injected into these stories — and not just those who identify as women.

Women Who Smashed the Patriarchy



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